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The City Municipal code imposes responsibility on the owner of a vehicle that is used in violation of any one of 19 impoundment offenses, regardless of who was driving. The most common of these offenses involve vehicles that contain: illegal drugs, an illegally transported firearm, vehicles that are used while driving under the influence (DUI) or used in the solicitation of a prostitute. Specifically, code section 7-24-225 imposes responsibility on the owner of a vehicle that contains any illegal drugs, i.e.; controlled substance or cannabis with no exceptions.
The Circuit Court date on the front of the notice of vehicle impoundment is associated with the offense or charge that caused your vehicle to be impounded. Do not confuse that Circuit Court date with the Department of Administrative Hearings. You may request a separate hearing at the Department of Administrative Hearings for the impoundment of the vehicle. Please refer to your police district of arrest for further information regarding the court date on the front of your vehicle impoundment notice.
If you do not wish to challenge the impoundment of your vehicle, you are not required to request a hearing. However, please keep the receipts from the auto pound for your records.

Although you do not have to request a hearing, your vehicle will continue to accrue storage fees while impounded. You could be financially responsible for these storage fees. You mayrequest a hearing tochallenge the impoundment.

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