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La Feria de las Culturas del Mundo held in our municipality of Puntagorda on the island of La Palma (Canary Islands) is a cultural and leisure event. It brings together different countries that present a small sample of their traditions to the attending public through gastronomy, music, and dance. This fair aims to promote knowledge and respect for other world cultures, fostering interculturality and tolerance, and attempting to highlight other cultures to take a step towards nondiscrimination based on race or origin.

The interest as a dynamic element in this gathering has solidified the Puntagorda World Cultures Fair as an increasingly important event in our municipality, serving as a reference point for residents from over a dozen countries across three continents. The World Cultures Fair is a space dedicated to highlighting and appreciating the richness of multiculturalism, promoting coexistence among people from different parts of the globe. In this festive and playful atmosphere, encounters and interactions are encouraged, where cultural aspects intertwine harmoniously. We invite you to enjoy an enriching day where the music, customs, cuisine, and language of various countries come together to create a truly global atmosphere. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exceptional event that celebrates diversity and strengthens ties between communities. We hope to have your presence and participation to make the World Cultures Fair an unforgettable moment for everyone. We await you with open arms!

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